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The VacuTherapy machine is a table top device that creates negative pressure through plastic tubes connected to glass cups. The machine allows for control of the intensity. The suction lifts and separates the tissues allowing blood flow, removal of toxins and fluids into dehydrated tissue.  This separation helps lymphatic drainage and congestion in the tissues. This therapy soothes inflamed muscles and tendons.  A mix of cupping and massage will general be used for amazing results.

Some conditions VacuTherapy is very helpful for:

Muscle aches
Scar tissue and adhesions


Myofascial release

Improves circulation

Pre- and post surgical

Bursitis and tendonitis and other inflammatory conditions.


TMJ Dysfunction

Neuropathy from Diabetes

Athlete stress and injury



Relaxes muscles

VacuTherapy and Deep Tissue Friction Massage is extremely helpful for post radiation fibrosis syndrome (RFS) from breast cancer treatment.  This can happen months to years after radiation where the tissue gets stiff and can cause pain.  The range of motion can be affected as well as muscle imbalance.  VacuTherapy can be very beneficial for lymphatic drainage.  

Capsular contracture and scar tissue can happen after breast implants causing pain.  VacuTherapy is a great type of massage treatment to help break up that scar tissue.  The cupping can stimulate the lymphatic drainage, reduces inflammation, stimulates collagen and promotes healthy skin.

All sessions done in a private office by a Nurse Massage Therapist.

After your VacuTherapy/MediCupping Session:

-Drink plenty of water.

-Do not exercise until the next day.

-Avoid chills, drafts or heat for 4-6 hours.  Avoid showers, steam, sauna till the next day (lukewarm bath is ok as your skin can be more sensitive to temperatures).

-Do not receive other bodywork for 48 hours as this could overload your system or it could negate the work that has been done.

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