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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage uses heavy pressure and slow strokes to get to the deeper muscles, which are the ones that normally cause the problems.  This technique usually focuses on a specific area or injury to realign muscle fibers and connective tissue.  Chronic or acute.

Some conditions deep tissue can help with: (to name a few)

Soothes chronic pain

Low Back Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Pain from whiplash, falls or sports injuries

IT Band Syndrome
Runners Knee
Piriformis Syndrome

Tennis or Golfer's elbow

Upper back and neck pain


Plantar fasciitis

Injury rehabilitation

Increase mobility and circulation

What to expect

A customized massage treatment to your needs using a combination of techniques which includes hands, knuckles, forearm, elbows, fingers, hand held massager, or cupping.  The trigger points are targeted to increase blood flow and remove toxins to release deep tension.  Drink plenty of water after treatment.

Will it hurt?

You may experience pain or discomfort when the tender trigger point is being worked out.  Your therapist will ask for feedback.

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