Frederick Stretch Therapy (FST) For Golfers


As with any sport, there is always a chance for injury and golf is no exception. The golf swing is one of the most complex and multifaceted movements in all of sports.  Golfers are always looking for a way to lower their risk for injury; fortunately massage and Frederick Stretch Therapy (FST) are great ways to do just that. Regular sessions can help reduce muscle spasms, reduce scar tissue, relieve trigger points, and restore proper function. Relaxed and flexible muscles are less likely to suffer strains or tears while playing.  KNOW WHAT KIND OF TRAINING AND BACKGROUND YOUR STRETCH THERAPIST HAS.  I am a NYS licensed massage therapist with over a 1,000 hours required training, Registered Nurse, and Frederick Stretch Therapy Provider (FSTP).  FST level 2 requires 80+ hours of book learning and 70 hours of hands on training.  FST is not a chain stretching business.


How can FST help golfers?


The golf swing involves full body movement by a coordinated effort of muscles.  Any tightness, injury or soreness can affect this coordination.  FST can assist with increased range of motion, better balance, and increased flexibility, which results in a reduction of injuries.  The shoulder and upper back muscles help with rotation and speed, while the core and hips provide the torque and speed of movement.  Any deficit in mobility or stability that prevents the activity causes the body to develop compensations of movement to adapt to the restrictions, but still able to perform the task.

How is assisted stretching more beneficial than stretching alone? Stretching is great, no matter what.  

However, assisted stretching is more beneficial because:

•    When someone is stretching you, they have better angles, tension and leverage that you cannot perform alone.

•    The increased tension and leverage can provide a higher intensity, more efficient stretch.

•    If it is requiring too much effort or you get bored, you tend to back off and rest.

•    You may not know how, when, where to stretch correctly.

Pro athletes and teams have used assisted stretching for years.  The golf swing is an unnatural movement for our bodies.  It takes years to master the swing, and assisted stretching can improve length, flexibility and strength. Almost every muscle and joint in the body is put into action to some extent during a golf swing.  Millions of dollars are spent each year on golf lessons in the United States alone. However, one of the biggest problems encountered by students is the inability to physically reproduce the techniques they are being taught; usually due to issues with flexibility and core strength.